Technology Can Help Chiropractors Say Good-Bye to Handwritten SOAP Notes

Published: 06th January 2012
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Dr. David Bohn, DC maker of QuickSOAP Notes for Chiropractic, gets many phone calls every week from fellow Chiropractor's who persist on writing handwritten chiropractic forms or old, obsolete computer system technology. Why do they continue down this path?? For two reasons, one is because of a lack of computer experience and two is being opposed to to change. So, let me be the one to reveal the news, computerized soap notes with EHR technology is here to stay.

Maybe you are one of the many chiropractors all over the nation, who for several reasons are hesitant to take the next step into the future of chiropractic documentation. Then QuickSOAP Notes is the chiropractic soap notes software for you because at we specialize in "technophobes".

Switching your documentation into computerized touch screen technology will boost your compliance, reduce the time you expend writing new patient notes, and will even increase the amount of referrals you get from primary care providers and attorneys. Even with these potential benefits many Chiropractors hesitate on moving further.

Once you buy QuickSoap Notes we will not simply leave you, but will "hold your hand" each step until your software system is set up. Which includes helping you get your computer system set up and running and connecting your iPad if that is the way you want to go. QuickSoap Notes Chiropractic Software system is intuitive and we have programmed help videos on every screen, to enable to you to learn on the go. This is more convenient than having to pause and open a guide to see how something works or the next step.

Through the years Dr. Bohn has learned of doctors' strong desire to modernize their practice and patient management by computerizing the documentation process. Although, they lack the confidence in themselves to learn the new chiropractic software technology and operate a computer. We have had many self-described "older" DC's modernize to QuickSOAP Notes soap notes software and adapted to the technology very fast. The largest obtacle to buying and updating appears to be getting them to expand the mind first, then it all is down hill and comes natural.

It will require a few weeks to become completely relaxed with the chiropractor software and afterward it will seem as if you had it created just for your practice. All of our screens may be adapted to fit your practice and you have the option of adding unlimited template screens meaning that you can at last create a documentation that is uniquely yours for less than $2000.

The key issue is don't be afraid of expanding and growing. Every one of our team beginning with our graphic artist to our senior programmer are happy to help you pull the most of your chiropractic soap notes software. Included in your purchase are 30 days of support, and available is the option of unlimited support and updates for only $295/year and we will be only a phone call away, year after year. We are glad to take recommendations for new screens or improvements from our support subscribers.

Bring to an end being anxious, we're here to assist. Go ahead, give us a call at 301-876-4565 and begin moving forward with technology and add our QuickSOAP Notes to your practice today.

Dr. David Bohn, DC is the founder of He continues to practice chiropractic in a full time capacity as he has since 1988. This Chiropratic emr is a very simple system to learn, even the computer illiterate will catch on quickly.

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